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Kingdom is community

I used to think isolation was an answer.

Last week, 100,000 visas were revoked, many having been granted to refugees from war torn countries.  My heart was broken as I watched families having their dreams seemingly destroyed. I thought, would these families ever be reunited?   As a human being, I sympathized.   But as a cleric, I was horrified; what would happen to these people?  I listened to the heartfelt assessments explaining that    ‘our’safety was more important than the refugees’ freedom.  Then I began to reflect on the  Apostles of the Lamb.  What would they teach/preach if they were here with us today? I believe the Apostles would not be afraid to help the refugees. I believe they would not hesitate one minute to minister Christ even if it meant to their own peril.     

I used to believe in isolation.    I supported pulling away, focusing on domestic issues and leaving the world to fend for itself.  But I no longer hold this opinion.  My perspective of the world has changed.  It has alot to do with embracing ancient Christianity (Orthodoxy).  The faith opens into all the world.  Thus Christianity is universal and our love and compassion should be as well. 

The earth is the Lord’s and all its fullness, the world and those who dwell therein. Ps24:1.  

This earth belongs to the Lord.  Therefore, we cannot be afraid to be open and caring even if it means we will face some hate filled people.  Treating people lavishly with love, is our only hope. Today, I am committed to love at all cost.  Love is stronger and more powerful than any hate in the world.  Surely, this must be the mindset of those awakened in the kingdom of God.   The kingdom is a community.

By oliveleafbeginnings

Teacher, Servant, Friend, Amma (Mother). Begin a new journey. Awaken the kingdom of heaven within. #BEyourdivineyou

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